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The first of it's kind! It is the TILTING TOWER and it is the sculptural reaction to the artist's "Furious Tower" which was created during his live online drawing show, "Open To Suggestion 111".

The show was created in 2020 during the early days of a global pandemic. It was meant to both engage people during a time of great isolation as well as a tool to motivate and inspire the artist. 


Hochbaum is prone to creating multiple verions of the characters that are born from his work. In this case the tower is replicated in wood and carbon transfers with acrylic paints. 

The base on which it sits is made from salvaged pieces of the artist's previously used work table. The natural patina of the studio pays homage to the process and is a perfect paring for Hochbaum's 3-D works.


Stand included the work is 10" x 5.5" x 4" 


The bottom is signed and titled. 


Learn more about his show OTSG111 here in a short video describing some of the results of the project.

Tilting Tower #1

SKU: TT1111
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