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Ghost ships

Ghost ships

Hochbaum began his "Ghost ship" series in 2016.

The corkscrew squiggle certainly is not something exclusively found in Hochbaum's work. This doodle can be found in margins of nearly every school kid's notes, on countless scraps of paper etched on while people speak on phones, and often in recurring forms in nature. It is a universal scribble. 

For the artist, the undulating form is another character in his narrative. It plays different roles. A symbol of sound, transport, memory, or psychic vibrations.  It plays the protagonist that exists between the strata of the artists ideas and moves throughout many of his works. Often found scrawled throughout the layers of his work, scattered across the landscapes and sky like insects. 


For the "Ghost Ship" series, the doodle is removed from the background and becomes the main character. It becomes an intimate portrait of the time traveler.

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