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The image for "Recurring" is taken from a series shot in 2013.

On a cold November early morning, Hochbaum and his niece ventured to the fields where the artist would play as a child. Equipped with a camera and a giant homemade papier-mâché moon, they created a series of images of an allegory of insomnia and recurring dreams.


One of the images from this series was used for the singer/songwriter Holly Miranda's 2018 album "Mutual Horse"


"Recurring" is a archival print made unique by mounting it to MDF board and coating it with an extra thick clear epoxy.


This approach eliminates the need for glass while it protcts and evelvates to richness of the image. Before the print is coated with epoxy it is pre-coated with a protective layer of acrylic PVA to ensure a prolonged life of the work. It also satisfies the artist’s need to create one-of-a-kind works even when creating mulitiples.


The framing technique is the artist's nod to the traditional presentation of photography . Hochbaum's unique approach uses a hand carved MDF mat rather than paper and is fitted into a custom pine frame that is stained and waxed. 


All of this work is done by the artist in the tradition he has used for over 20 years. 

total dimensions: 12" x 12" x 1.5"


As is with all pigment prints from this shop, all images for this work are all original, first generation of the highest quality direct from the artist.

Shipping is included in the price.


Unfortunately the studio is not currently shipping outside of the USA. We are hoping that this is only a temporary situation. All parties outside of the USA who are interested in purchasing work by David Hochbaum please contact Luisa Catucci Gallery or visit Singulart

recurring 2018

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