This piece comes from the study works of the artist's completed work PALLAS GENESIS 2016.


This version is a gelatin silver print created by using the traditional darkroom meathod of which the artist started his craft circa 1990. 


This study is also made with carbon transfers, wax marker, and acrylic paints.The entire tableau is coated in Hochbaum's homemade beeswax /carnauba wax and dammar encaustic.


 The text scrawlled on the upper left side comes from the artist's sketchbook of the era the work was created. 


The practice of creating a "laundry list" is a universal theme and has come up several times in Hochbaum's process as well as being a favorite practice within his collaborations with the GOLDMINE SHITHOUSE artist collaboration(2001-11).


The items list are a practice in unconscious and spontaneous freedom of association and word play. Sometimes the word or phrases would be reffered to as a "verbal virus" that would get stuck in the mind and become the theme of a work or body of work.


The PALLAS in the work is a character Hochbaum created here as a young child. She is poised, mischievous, and powerful. She also possesses the curiosity and venerability of a naive child. Hochbaum has created several images using this narrative in collaboration with his niece who he has been working with on thier visul diary for over a decade.


This piece is presented in a custom built matted frame made of MDF, pine and wax. 


It is 16" x 16" x 1.5". The back is titled, signed, wired, and ready to hang!


Shipping the work is included in the price.(USA only)

Pallas Genesis:Laundry List 2017