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"Opening Act"


Total dimentions:12" x 18" 

300g acid free archival watercolor paper


The work is unframed


Open To Suggestion 111 is a 20-30 min interactive collaborative draw show Hochbaum created during the first few weeks of the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic as it was effecting the USA. Being confined to homes, Hochbaum wanted to be able to reach out, interact and entertain those at home who needed a quick break from the overwhelming anxiety and responsibility during this time all over the world. All of the drawings for OTSG are created live during the show with the visitors suggestions taken under consideration. It is a low budget, no frills, fly by night project. At the end of each episode, the drawing were made available to purchase on bis personal website.  


The show is inspired by the TV shows of the 1970's Hochbaum watched as a child when he would stay home from school when he was sick. A few of those shows were BOOKS COVER TO COVER with John Robbins Jr. and THE JOY OF PAINTING with Bob Ross with a bit of the BANANA SPLITS and THE PRICE IS RIGHT.

Open To Suggestion: S2/EP3

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