This here is Hochbaum's addition to the ancient Greek myth of Kronos. He refers to this version as the "Wood and Bone" edition due to the treatment on the piece's frame.


Kronos, the king of the Titans, was cast into the black abyss(by his own son!) of the underworld, Tartarus.

HIs contribution to the tale is presenting Kronos as a child. Kronos has a premonition or fever dream of being King and standing in front of the gates of Tartarus. All the emotions of the burden of being King and suffering the fate of eternity in the underworld, Kronos was overcome by fear, confusion and an unknown sadness of the years Kronos yet had to live. This "dream" most likely is what drove Kronos to later become the young King of Titans which led Kronos to the inevitable fate that was visited within the vision.

This version of Krono’s is a pigment print an Hahnamule rice paper. They are made with ultra chrome archival ink’s and will outlast any of our lives.  


This print has hand painted elements which the artist applys on the back of the print over a light table. This adds color wothout dulling the tones on the face of the print. The print is then mounted on a sheet of MDF that is primed with watercolor paper. The whole face is sized in PVA and coated with the artist's own homemade recipe of wax encaustics. 


It is being offered here in custom frame. It is built and treated by the artist using his own specialized technique in stains and construction.



KRONOS: Wood and Bone edition