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GHOST BOAT  #7.     4.75" x 5.75" x 1.75"


David began the "Ghost Boat" series during the summer of 2020 as a response to a memory triggering drawing exercise he strarted earlier that year. He wanted to channel both a familiarlocation he had visited during summers past as well as his childhood memories of the pastel and chalk drawings created by North American artist John Robbins during his TV show "Books cover to cover".


The works are small depictions of a discarded dinghy. The lanscapes are minimal with hints of reeds, mud, stones and sometimes insects or sealife remnant. 


The atmospheres  are misty and mysterious. The works are inspired by foggy memory as well as a contrived nostalgia created to evoke the sweet sadness of a dying season.


The materials are wax, pencil and acrylic on MDF board. They are coated with the artist's own homemade wax encaustic. The board is floated in a handmade frame.


All the frames are custom built by Hochbaum. the are made of pine that is treated with white wash and wax.


Each of the Ghost Boats are accompanied by a one-of-a-kind handmade house companion. Duality is a part of this visual exercise and the artist represents this concept by adding this small signifier.


The backs of the works are titled, signed, wired and ready to hang.


Ghost Boat #7

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