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This piece is part series of work Hochbaum began in 2018. He calls the series "A Solid Friendship". This was a phrase that came to his mind while creating a tribute work dedicated to a dececed close friend.  After scrawling the text into the work he followed up the idea with the 19 part edition of small works.


Each of the small works focuses on a specific person, place, or moment that holds significant importance to thge artist.

They are mixed media collages using techniques like carbon transfers, acrylic painting, inks and pencils. 

All of the works in this series is also coated in Hochbaum's own homemade wax encaustic made from beeswax, dammar, and carnauba wax.


"Fury Ferry" is #13 of the group. 


The artwork is 6.5" x 7.25" floated in a 10.25x 10.75" custom frame. The backing of this handmade shadowbox is made with wood salvaged from the artist's previous studio tabletop. The random and unique markings and textures are an approriate display for the work.


SKU: FF111
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