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Hochbaum began his “Blackhouse” series in 2020. The pivot of his already prominent character, the house, came as a gut reaction triggered by the particularly dark time for himself and globally. The artists reaction to universally felt emotions inspired the stark and monochromatic palette of this series.

The house often represents the body or the universal soul for Hochbaum. The tone of the work as often does, reflected that state of the soul.


Rather than emphasize the bleak, the artist's intention is to engage the dark and work through sudden and major transitions.


The project began in 2020, when “Blackhouse #1” was created.

#1 became the diplomat of the series and a starting point for which Hochbaum would extend the family of houses. In 2022 Hochbaum began introducing different sizes, new treatments to the roofs, and various bases on which to display the work. Over time the introduction of color began to pepper the series. This demonstrates  the progress made by working through the process. A crack in the dark begins to allow color in.


The house is constructed from wood which has been coated in acrylic carbon transfers. The roofs are made of wood or MDF board that is covered in hand cut aluminum shingles. The roofs are also treated with acrylic patina.


The base is made from blocks of reclaimed wood found the basement of the studio he moved into in 2021. The blocks have been sanded smooth and treated with oils and waxes. The weight and textures of the base creates a perfect counter for the houses which float above them.


Hochbaum often employs the method of “using the whole animal” and sustainability within his studio. In fact, the wood dowels used to prop up the houses are recycled from two previous installations. One had over 100 plaster galleons. These dowels were the masts of the ship. The second had 1000 handmade arrows. A few of the dowels reused for “Blackhouse” still have recognizable makings found on an arrow or rigging line of a ship.


Here we have “Blackhouse #2 “


On it’s base it stands at approx. 13" high x 5.5" x 5.5"


Alone, the house is 8.25" x 6.25" x 5.5"


This house has 5 unique positions to diplay on it's custom base. 

The center position can be set as flush to the base or by slighlty tilting the color face up, it can be displayed in its floating position. 

Please view video for a demonstration.


The house is completely removable. When mounted it is able to swivel to find that perfect or favorite position depending on the owner’s preference


The bottom is titled, numbered, and signed by the artist.

This is an open series.


Caution ⛔️  the roofs are made of aluminum and contains some sharp edges. Always handle work with care. Take precautions when necessary. Not intended for children.



Blackhouse #2

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