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"Bird of prey" comes from Hochbaum's 2011 exhibit in Berlin titled "Kaidan-Shu".


The entire installation was composed of works about ghosts, spirits, and demons inspired by Japanese and Korean myth and horror.


The image for "Bird of prey" features a model David photograhed while in Tokyo as the "Tori Onna"(Bird woman).


The calligraphy in the top right was created by a close friend of the artist. The characters represent the "Tori Onna".


The work is made from a black and white silver print mounted on MDF with acrylics and gold leaf. The kangi is on ricepaper with ink.


It is in a custom stained oak frame handmade by the artist for the 2011 exhibit.


It is 13.25" x 14.5" x 2.5" 


The back is signed, wired and ready to hang.

Bird of prey 2011

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