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I first came across the filmmaker Werner Herzog at a double feature showing at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge in 1992. I have been hooked ever since and his film "Aguirre:The Wrath Of God" is an absolute favorite.


 I have dedicated the title of this shot to the feeling his film gives to me. 


The photograph was not created with the intention to pay tribute to the film but revealed the connection in my mind years later while editing.


As a result of that inspiration I created 5 of these archival pigment prints on rice paper mounted on 3/4" wood panels. The prints are sized and coated with my homemade beeswax/dammar/carnauba wax encaustic.


The edges are finished off with waxed pine slats.

The back of the panel is wired to hang and a 3/4" wood bock is mounted to lift the panel 3/4"off the wall when hung.


The finished work is 10.25" x 9"

Every piece is handmade giving each finished work their own character and unique physical traits

Aguirre: limited edition #5/5

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