The Young Loa Collection is a series of images from the 9th annual summer photo shoot with the artist's niece, C.


They have been meeting annually since 2009 to collaborate on a visual diary of personal folklore. This time, the project was designed around an idea she wanted to explore. For the first time since they began, C. brought the concept and backbone to the shoot and together we put together a new persona for her inspired by Haitian voodoo, Mexican ritual and the brooding angst and dark fascinations of a teenager coming of age. The result is our interpretation of the LOA who are the spirits or intermediaries of the higher gods in Haitian and Creole voodoo. I find the character quite appropriate for a coming of age teen since each spirit is know for their particular and distinct personalities and mischievous ways.


This verision is made from a digital pigment print mounted on a wood block. 

The surface is sized and then coated with a thick layer of clear gloss epoxy resin.

The block is then floated in a custom hand made frame. 


The whole piece is 6.75"' x 6.75" x 1.5". The back is signed, titled, wired and ready to hang!


A note on the artist's digital work:

All the pigment prints offered by Hochbaum Studio are created in house by the artist. Hochbaum approaches the digital darkroom much just as he has the traditional darkroom for over 25 years. Each print is treated with incredible care and consideration before releasing any final print.


There is a great deal of thought put into sizes, tones and papers used for each particular image.


Hochbaum has the same high demand for quality for his digital print work as he has had for all his work for 3 decades.


He uses only high quality, archival pigments and papers to ensure stunning tones and textures for long lasting works.

Young Loa: Epoxy edition 2018


    all images ©David Hochbaum