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Just like Village In A Can, only bigger! Much bigger


This is the first edition of "NIGHT VILLAGE" in MEGA format.  Towering over the classic sized houses, the MEGA blocks stand up to 5.5" high and are made from 1.5" hardwood blocks. 


This 1.5" block format was originally offered by David Hochbaum as "Night Blocks" or "Gotham Blocks" and are sold iindividually or as small groups of 3. This is the first time they are offered as such a large group at a special price. And they are all in the "NIGHT VILLAGE" style of painting.


The night villages were made to represent tall city towers at night.

If you have ever spent enough time living in a city, you get familiar with a particular feeling and atmosphere a metropolis can create once the daylight is gone. These blocks are a celebration of this triggered emotion.


This set consists of 11 one-of-a-kind hand painted houses of various sizes.

The number of this can #1


Village In A Can: MEGA Night Village #1

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