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The image for VENGEANCE 2021 comes from the artist's library of ghosts and mystical creature series he created for his exhibition in Berlin 2011, KAIDAN SHU.


For the series, Hochbaum focused on some of his passion for the horror film genere and myths of Asia. He emulated ancient stories and created his interpretations of revenge and love through his photographs that he shot in both Japan and New York City 2010-11.


VENGENCE 2021 prersents the ghostly image of a seated woman in a black dress holding a large buther's knife. That composition alone is enough to plainly state the mood of the work. 


The eyes of the woman seem to be looking both to her left as well as her right.


This illusion is caused by the whisps of hair being blown across her face. The size of the image also makes it difficult to decipher the true location of her pupils. 


The work is made of hand painted silver gelatin print mounted on wood and covered in the artist's own beeswax/dammar/carnauba wax encaustic recipe.


It is mounted inside it's own custom pine frame. The frame is rubbed down with tung oil and coated in wood wax.


Total dimentions:7.5" x 7" x 2.5"


The back is wired and ready to hang.


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