Sometimes, David's images will lean in the direction of the macabre. In this particular image, there is no doubt that he has utilized a more malicious trigger to tell his story.


For the artist, the idea of the afterlife suggests that there is a place, or something waiting. If there is a  place we do go once our mortal coil spins out, He feels it could be inwards, deeper within what one carries around as a subconscious. One enters it like a dream, random, at the mercy of mood the mind decides to se.


At the entry to the everlasting dream are the gates. The gateway to forever. Who or what watches over this port of entry? Are the watchers fixed or fluid, darkness or light  or always changing, abstract as the narrative to a dream?


Is it a test or a reflection of the self, a manifestation of one's fears or a reward for a lifetime's deeds? Or nothing?


Fun stuff like this gets the artist's  juices flowing and inspirehim to create these delightful horrors.


This edition of THE GATEWAY is limited to 22  archival pigment prints on 13" x 19" Epson Legacy Fibre paper. It is printed using Epson archival UltraChrome matte pigments. The image is 10.5" x 10.25".


This beautiful matte surface paper is 100% cotton fibre, semi smooth surface, acid and lignin free with no optical brightening agents. All this fancy stuff pretty much means that this is an archival print that will last and last and last so as long as the planet sticks around, so will your print.


Hochbaum fell in love with this paper after much experimentation and exploring the digital print realm in order to present his images with the quality it deserves. After trying different textures from other papers, Hochbaum has found that this paper lends itself to the size of this print so well with all the details in the trees preserved by the soft matte surface.


Each print is signed, dated and numbered along the bottom leaving the option to keep visible or concealed if matted within a frame. This keeps the visual aesthetic up to the collector.

The Gateway

SKU: TG111