This painting was created in May 2020 during the covid19 pandemic lockdown. 


One of the projects that Hochbaum started during this time was a live and interactive drawing show called "Open To Suggestion 111". During one episode, Hochbaum recreated classic 16 bit arcade icons for the live viewrs to guess as they were being drawn. First to guess won a prize. After this episode, Hochbaum was inspired to recreate some of his previous works as 16 bit impressions.


A flurry of sketches  and painting followed. One of these works is the "Mother's Day Babel".  


The artist considers this burst of inspiration to be an important catalyst of creative transition during a very challenging time of cultural transition. The "Mosaic Tower" is one of a handful of works that marks this transition very clearly. The palette and brush work here is a concentrated example of what was brought to larger works the artist followed up with after an exploration of color and form.


Total dimensions: 9.5" x 9" 

Acrylic on Canson 300g watercolor paper


Mother's Day Babel 2020