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This is a handmade, custom built light-box I made for a piece from my body of work titled "These Things Between Us" which was exhibited in NYC at Art At Large Gallery in 2004. 


Anyone who knows me knows I love a ladder. This is what I consider to be the most satisfying ladder picture I have made. Not to say that it is the best thing I have done, only that I get the best feeling from this image of a figure with a ladder. I honestly do wish I still had the original piece. I also love Spacemen 3 and I was listening to them a lot while making this work so the title is a nod to them.

I have added a hand carved tiny dingy on top of this one. I was making it while building the box for this image and I thought the stain and distressed wood on both objects were just beautiful together. And here is a chance to mix 2 of my favorite things together...Ships and Ladders!(I secretly hope no one collects this one) 


The image is a high quality Fuji film 4"x5" color transparency of the original painting. It is not a photo of a reproduction. It is very sharp and very clear, containing lots of detail.

Please visit         to see more work from that year.

The image is sandwiched between two sheets of plexiglass. This protects the image from breaking glass, heavens forbid it should be dropped or mishandled. 


The box is made of stained and waxed pine.

It is 8.5" x 7.5" x4"

It is wired with 8 foot of black lamp cord. The socket is wired to a metal toggle switch mounted on the bottom of the box.

It comes with 1 11watt frosted bulb. This gives it plenty of light, making the image bright and visible with surrounding lights on or off.

Also, the low wattage stays cool and will not use a lot of juice or run up you electric costs.

Light-boxes are very difficult to photograph and the reproduction will appear much more yellow than the actual box. Also, the low wattage bulb produces a warmer light, but be assured that the transparency contains the actual color of the original work.


Each box is custom and different for each image. The variations makes every light-box unique and one of a kind.


I am smitten by light-boxes and love this series. I am happy to be able to bring some of these images back to create this very limited batch of objects.

Light-box of "Come Down Easy" 2015

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