Ladders and Houses are constantly recurring in Hochbaum's work. Here they are combined to create a limited edition of all one-of-a-kind sculptures. 


All handmade from cut hardwood blocks painted in acrylic and gold-dust. Each base is a unique piece of landscape which the house floats overhead attached by a piece of thick gauge wire. The roofs are made from prefab wood shingle. 


The faces are all adorned with their own unique hand painted ladder. 


The bottoms of the base are titled, numbered, and signed. They also have 4 brass tacks to help preserve the inscription.


The artist never spares any attention to detail with his work and thes little guys are no exception to the rule.


They stand at approximately 4.5" and have 1.75" square bases with some slight variations due to the handmade aspect to the work.





Floating Golden Ladder House # 13/25


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