This piece very well represents a time when David's work leans heavy on the humorous side of the challenges that life can throw.


 Perhaps it is the title that brings out the satire or maybe it is not even necessary in order to convey the metaphysical shrug as a result of an uninvited thunderbolt on top of everything else what may come on one's "bad day".  


It is not so much a dark look at all things or even a "poor me" reaction to what may be a multitude of misfortunes. David feels a great sense of unity and common humble perseverance.


But at the center is human frailty and the fun one can have with it at some of the hardest of times within an individual's day.


HERE YA GO FUCKNUT  is 11.25" x 11.25" x 1.75"


The piece is made from acrylics, carbon transfers, and ink. The panel is coated in a homeade recipe beeswax/dammar/carnauba encaustic and  is floated in a custom handmade pine frame that is stained and waxed. 


The back is signed, titled, wired, and ready to hang.


Be sure to view the short video "Ad" shot and edited by the artist. It was originally created for promotional purposes via social media platforms and to linked to a previous online gallery/shop which is no longer in use.

HereYa Go Fucknut

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