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The image of the furious tower is taken from a piece Hochbaum created for his live online drawing show "Open To Suggestion 111" season 2, episode 10 in 2020 during the early days of a global pandemic. The show was meant to both engage people during a time of great isolation as well as a tool to motivate and inspire the artist. 


Learn more about his show OTSG111 here in a short video describing some of the results of the project.


Small batch editions focus around a single image that is printed with each piece then worked on individually. This gives each piece from of the edition unique elements while maintaining a consistent thread thoughout the edition. 


This approach to editions ensures that the collector ends up with an entirely unique piece of work with visible and recognizable evidence of the artist's hand, even if the work is part of a limited editon.

Furious Tower 2022 edition #2 of 10

SKU: FT1112
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