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PKN is meant to abbreviate procrastination and this series began just as that.


Sometimes when the next move in creating a piece of work is either too anticipated or "easy", David will put the work on hold and build tiny sculptures. This practise also proved as a good way to get through a blocked period while remaining productive. 


This group of pointy nosed houses became a symbol of self-imposed delay and method of working through certain challenges in the creative process. David dubbed them "PKN" and started to number them.


During the Halloween season on random years Daivds creates homage PKN which celebrate the artist"s inspiration of his favorite celebrated holiday.


For 2020, 5 Halloween PKN charaters were made


PKN are all made of blocks of hardwood painted in acrylic. The vary slightly in size but are all approx.  1" x 1.5". Their  noses vary in length but reach an approx. length of 1" - 1.25"


PKN #20 is "Witch"

PKN #20 "Witch"

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