The image of the unmanned boat surrounded by water gives me a sense of calm as well as an anxious anticipation. A vessel captive to the whims of the wind and tides.


"ADRIFT" is an image I carved into linoleum in 2015 and have been putting out editions about once a year since.

"SUMMER 2018" is an edition of 18. 


This one here is # 8 of the 18 created.


Everytime the artist tackels a new edition of Adrift he incorporates new techicque and finishes.


For #8, Hochbaum made a custom box with a "floating" mount so that the block hovers within the frame. The wood block on which the image hovers is a section cut from the artist's perviously used studio worktables that is savesd after they have become overwhelmed with paints, dents and drill holes accumulated over a stretch of time.

He has added to the outer frame what he calls  a "wood and bone" finish to the wood. The artist refers the framed works as the "elevated" edition of the series.


Each one of the images are made of oil based ink block prints on wood blocks that are 3/4" thick. 

After the inks have dried, the whole block is coated with a thin layer of matte varnish to help preserve the work.


Each of the blocks are approximately 5 1/2" x 6" with some slight variation in lengths. 


In it's frame, #8 is 8" x 7.75" x 1.5"

The backs are signed, numbered and have a saw tooth hanger making them ready to hang!

Adrift: Summer 2018 edition #8/18