A Thousand Seasons is an image of a spirit caught in the act of being somewhere between a dance and possesion. The writhing young spirit personifies the dreams of  torment and celebration of its chaotic fate to endure the ages as a phantom.


It is a playful and provocative display, teasing the viewer and tricking them into beholding a performance or tragic accident.


This edition of A THOUSAND SEASONS is a digital ultrachrome pigment print on archival cotton paper. The print is mounted on 1/4" hardwood and the image is sized with a PVA coating. 

The entire board is then coated in a thick clear epoxy resin.


The board is then floated in a handmade custom pine frame. 


The background on which the board is floated is made of torn  rice paper that has been glued down and then burnt before a final coating of homemade wax encaustic. 


The frame has a signature stain treatment of bone and black and is finished in wax. 


It is truly a one of a kind treatment creating a very rare edition of the image.


The entire piece with frame is 12" x 9.75" x 1.5" 


The back is titled, signed, wired and ready to hang.


As is with all pigment prints from this shop, all images for this work are all original, first generation of the highest quality direct from the artist.

A Thousand Seasons: Epoxy edition